My first run in with Dr Hauschka's Cleansing Clay Mask was in SoOrganic's Greenwich store when I was looking for a new face mask to try. To my surprise when I lifted the lid of the in-store tester (albeit a little clumsily and slightly tilted) a puff of brown powder misted before my face. Don't worry, this doesn't happen like some magic fairy dust each time you open a pot of Dr Hauschka's Cleansing Clay Mask unless of course you are as ungainly as I am.

This unique little mask (as I found out later that night) does wonders for the skin and is quite fun to use. I felt a bit like I imagine a tribal woman of the Amazonia might upon brewing her skin soothing remedies. You might understand why by reading the method of application or if you ever get the chance to use it yourself.