There are now more eco fashion brands on the market than you can poke an organic cotton bush stick at. SeaSalt, Howies, Enamore, Green Knickers, Amana, People Tree, Traidcraft and Katherine E Hamnett are but a few who create and make beautiful, trendy garments with the ethical and green ticks of approval. Our throw away culture supported by the cheap, flimsy garments available these days do nothing to inspire people to repair or recycle their clothes. If you're one of the guilty try to remember someone, somewhere is likely to be suffering your wear once, throwaway shopping habits (not to mention the purging of Earth's resources) for the sake of a little instant gratification.

You could opt for an organic cotton t from the high street shops dipping their manicured toes in the water but these efforts tend to be small rather than creating an entire season's range based on ethical, eco principles. Doing a ‘little bit of good' is a start for sure however with so many wholly earth friendly brands doing good in all areas of operation and production, why not favour them - especially if their clothes are super strong, super ethical and super cool.

Look for garments made from organic cotton, hemp (or at least part so), Lyocell (woodpulp) and PLA (corn). Avoid petroleum based synthetics and non-biodegradable fabrics. Polyester takes 200 years to break down - it is not classified as biodegradable. Patagonia actually makes fleeces from recycled plastic bottles - great way to divert non biodegradable materials from landfill.

If your good with a sewing machine and enjoy creating your own fashions try to find fabrics coloured with azo-free dyes, free from heavy metals and toxins. Try Loop Fabric who provide fabrics made from sustainable, biodegradable and/or certified organic fibres. Near Sea Naturals is another supplier with more natural colours and patters. They also take care with workers rights ensuring high labour standards during production.

Adopting a make do and mend attitude rather than chucking clothes away serves the fashionable earth cause. But if you've turned your old dress into a top into a scarf too many times already and are a bit tired of the pattern, why not organise a clothes swap party - you'd might be surprised what treasures your friends have buried in the depth of their wardrobe.

An environmentally conscious attitude when creating or shopping for your next outfit means opting for handmade, organic, British made or Fairtrade brands and fabrics.

Be progressive - dress fashionably the earth friendly way.