It's official. More of us than ever are dropping our rubbish - but not in the way you may think. Defra (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) recently published figures that indicate UK households have reduced their total waste (down 0.2 million tonnes in the final three months of last year). Also 33.9% less waste is being sent to landfill and more is being diverted to recycling plants.

It's feedback like this that encourages us to recycle more. And we sure need to. Britain dumps more waste into the ground than any other European country. But at least now we know we're making headway.
Along the same landfill avoidance lines the Olympic Development Agency recently announced the development of the 2012 London Olympic Park will aim to reuse or recycle 90% of waste created during its construction.

Also Keep Britain Tidy is launching The Big Tidy Up this September encouraging schools, businesses plus other groups and individuals to participate in the country's biggest ever litter clean up.

If we keep this up we may soon be the least wasteful country in the EU.