When I was younger some of my friend's parents would buy them socks or vests or some other non-edible gift instead of Easter eggs. I could never understand it. I still kind of don't. Easter is the one day of the year you can get away with eating however much of the dreamy creamy brown stuff you dare wish. Chocolate Day is what Easter Sunday really equates to for chocoholics.

But what of those who don't like chocolate (very odd but I hear this phenomenon is out there)? Or those who don't want to buy their children sugary treats even if they are organic and Fairtrade certified?

So what alternatives to Easter eggs are there for kids? Well unless they're too young to know what chocolate bunnies are all about or old enough to want to avoid the pimples it brings, it may be hard to get by the allure of chocolate. You could try explaining to them where chocolate comes from and how a lot of chocolate that is produced isn't altogether ethical or environmentally well considered. They might find it fun to paint real eggs and in the process forget about the chocolate kind. But let's be honest - it's more likely a new rasberry lip balm, glitter book or football will keep you in their good books. If you want to go all eco-friendly on the kids what about some recycled coloured pencils and paper so they can decorate their own Easter cards.

In case you need some help a couple of alternative Easter presents for your partner -
well that's an easy one: smelly stuff. Organic bath salts and luxurious natural body lotions, massage oils and candles, relaxing music and body scrubs. Easter is, let's face it, a time to indulge for many of us so why not make it a body friendly kind of indulgence.