Summer evenings are coming so it's time to dust of those recipes best saved for balmy nights. Well I've just been handed a really scrumy and easy as pie (actually, it's quite a lot easier than fiddly pie) courtesy of my partner's mother Heather. Given Heaths Australian I've kept the Zucchini name as is.

This recipe is great for those that can't eat wheat or dairy. Vegans could omit the egg if they wish as it's not essential. It about 8 patties and so is good for two. It goes lovely with fresh Greek Salad and a bottle of biodynamic white... sitting in a leafy garden, in the early evening preferably.

All you need for my new favourite summer recipe is:

1 zucchini (courgette) grated
2 potatoes grated
1 onion chopped finely
1 garlic clove grated
1 cm cube of ginger grated
2 tablespoons of soya flour
1 egg
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Mix all the ingredients into a large bowl. Heat pan on moderate temperature. Add oil. Add large tablespoon dollop of patty mixture into pan. Cook lightly on both sides and serve. Doesn't get much easier than that!