Eco Baby: A Green Guide to Parenting covers all things a parent with an eco-friendly mindset would need in the first year of an infant's life. Sally J Hall is the author and eco mum behind this book. Her advice and eco tips cover some of the biggest issues facing modern society (climate change, ethical and fairtrade companies, organic and sustainable living) and new mothers (feeding, nappies, toiletries, toys) today.

The book has a resource section to help you find support services and suppliers (SoOrganic included) of the products Sally mentions throughout the book. There's also an index, which is useful for quick reference when deliberating over a particular green area of your baby's life.

Sally's advice is practical, clear and not the least bit overwhelming for the already eager green beaver. She does have some straight up facts that are hard to avoid especially if you were hoping to take the easy path down greenville. Facts like ‘each baby is capable of filling 160 black plastic bin bags with used nappies by the time it is potty-trained' make you thoroughly consider the choices you have for your baby and the world you're bringing them into.