We're certainly on a good way toward greening our lives these days. We think of good ideas in all areas of our lives - house, the office, the wardrobe, the kitchen pantry, the beauty regime - to become more eco-friendly for the sake of a cleaner planet. The most hopeful and persistent of us try to sweep up our partners, children and workmates up in our enthusiasm. But our about our loyal pets - the best friends who seek our affections for the sake of a little comfort, a good feed and to pleasing us? They too deserve a bit of the eco action.

These days you can get everything from compostable doggie poop bags, natural shampoos, natural pet bedding and organic pet food. A study by Mintel found that 22 million dog and cat owners spend £1.6 billion on food each year. That is quite a sum and a sum that could include a larger organic slice of the green pie if the rising trend in eco-pets continues to rise.

Some eco-pet favourites of ours are the 100% biodegradable and compostable Dump It Onya doggy poop bags, the dog shampoo by John Masters and the hand made organic hemp bed by Mango Mutt.