Throughout history art has been a good reflection of how society views itself amongst its ever-changing state of affairs, be it involving the evolution of technology, war, power or as this generation plays it - the environment.

Artists' interpretations of how we, as a human race are affecting our planet, have never been as brutally honest or thought provoking as they are today. Its creative thought and creative expression after all that sparks the best ideas that lead to innovation.

Evidence can be found in the images below which were submitted to the International Digital Print Exhibition organised by Art and Science Collaborations, Inc (ASCI) this year.

The collection includes pieces with polar bears wearing jet packs, an artist's impression of what the earth might look like if climate change accelerates and a visual theory of how magnetised moths could be used to produce energy.

These are a little out there, but as Einstein said ‘the world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation.' Think he was on to something there.