Ecogarantie is a certification mark for environmentally friendly products. Originally developed in Belgian it is now a respected standard in Europe when it comes to assessing the ecological impact of cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products.

A product bearing the Ecogarantie label must meet the following requirements:

  • Processes used to transform raw materials into the final product must be ecologically sound

  • The production of goods must not inflict on human rights and ‘should happen in a socially just manner'

  • The source and renewability of raw ingredients must be considered from an environmental perspective

  • Testing on animals is prohibited

  • Products must abide by European safety legislations, including taking traceability precautions

  • Petrochemicals, boruim, phoshorus, phosphates, silicone and mineral acids are banned

  • Restricted use of harmful minerals

  • Irradiation of products is banned

  • No genetically modified (GM) ingredients

  • Strict use of stabilisers, emollients, preservatives

  • No bioaccumulation in the human body

  • No toxicity for aquatic organisms

  • All packaging materials must be recyclable or compostable (PVC and polystyrene is banned)

  • Maximisation of biodegradability encouraged