One of our favourite eco-friendly cleaning companies, Ecover, has been allowing it's loyal customers to fill up their old bottles at specially designed refill points all across Europe in an effort to reduce packaging waste and save a few pennies (So Organic have even got a refill station in their Greenwich store).

But now clean green eco machine has gone one step further by introducing an extra huge 15L size for their core products, that is, the popular ones most of us use. It comes with a tap you fix to the box to make for an easy pour into your old smaller bottle. If you don't have an Ecover refill station close to where you live this extra big box means you have to buy less often and receive more value for money.

You can now get a 15L ‘bag in a box' in the Ecover Washing Up Liquid Lemon, Ecover Washing Up Liquid Chamomile, Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Liquid, Ecover Fabric Softener Amongst the Flowers and the Ecover Multi-Surface Cleaner.

What's more at the moment you will receive a free tap when you purchase any 15L Ecover cleaner as well as a free 750mL toilet cleaner. That's two freebies for the price of one value box. All that's left is to get out those cleaning gloves and get a scrubbing!