I was at a Jont gig the other night, when the soul searching musician introduced a new song he'd newly written. The lyrics were basically about waking up in the morning and asking for less. It was quite the humbling tune and it got me thinking of how much better I feel when I look at what I have and accept, even be grateful for it. I stop wanting and it feels great.

So then I saw a little diddy from the eco moviemakers - Free Range Studios - called The Good Life. They've teamed up with Mark Albion, a well-known social values business leader the US, to make a three minute story that asks what ‘enough' really means. Instead of prodding us to make the world a better place by hurrying to do more of this or that it calls us to slow down and reflect on the good we are doing - reflect on our own life. We can't wholly blame the banks and the big corporations for inducing our ‘more more more' culture. We've all played a part and the credit crunch is slowing it all down... for the better we're sure.

So sit back and enjoy this short film. By story's end you'll either be content with your life or start packing for a fishing trip by the coast.