These four essential oil recipes will help the plants in your garden grow stronger the natural way without the use of harsh chemicals like pesticides and insecticides. Organic veggie patch here we come!

Anti-fungal Spray
Add four drops of patchouli and four drops of tea tree essential oils to a gallon of water in a spray bottle. This mix will discourage mould growth on leaves and improves the overall heath of your plants.

Plant Companions
Add a few drops of lavender and a few drops of thyme essential oils to your watering can. This mix can be used to enhance and protect your plants, especially more fragile indoor plants.

Insect Repellent for Aphids
Add one drop each of peppermint, garlic, hyssop and spearmint essential oils to one cup of warm water and spray on leaves. This mix will discourage aphids.

Insect Repellent for Slugs and Snails
Put a few drops of garlic, cedarwood and pine essential oil in a shallow container and place amongst your plants. This will keep slugs and snails away without actually killing them.