I have a lot of Aquarians in my life - both my sisters, both my housemates, both my neighbours... oh and me! So needless to say, at this time of year there's a lot of birthday presents to be bought! Buying the birthday present is not something I usually leave to the last minute but for one sister I managed to leave it to the day of. Tricky situation when it's a work day but luckily for me our office is in Greenwich and a new boutique piled with ethical fashionista creations recently opened across the way.

Emmalooo was launched by textile/fashion designer Emma Nissim and her sister ex-landscape architect Rachel Nissim. The sisters who's parents live in Hong Kong (and hence have contacts there) had the option to have their clothes and house wares made in China but instead decided to take the locally made, ethically sourced road. The girls design, print and sell the items themselves which makes for a pretty busy time.

To check out the Nissim sister's creations you can view their catalogue online at www.emmalooo.com. (Notice there's three o's there not two. You end up in a whole other web world if you're not careful!) Better still - come down to Greenwich and you can pop into the So Organic shop for a few eco friendly organic beauty products and to say hello as well!

Best of luck girls - I'll certainly be back for a few more birthday presents - the sister adored her gold printed pear design, bamboo/organic cotton T!

Beautiful stuff new neighbours - and sooooo good to have another fashion friend on the ethical-eco bandwagon!