beautiful organic face oil

Just as most of us have got to grips with our cleanse, tone and moisturise routine everyone's talking about serums and face oils, if you're not sure what these brilliant products can do for you read on and we'll explain.

Both serums and face oils offer a great opportunity to improve your skin and protect it for the future in one easy step. But to help us understand how they work we need to understand a little bit about the skin.

The skin is primarily there to protect us from external influences and as such can take a real battering from the sun, heat, cold and pollution.

The skin has its own natural moisture system which contains water and oil. To keep skin in optimal condition skin’s natural protective barrier needs to be maintained.

External influences such as pollution, diet and the wrong type of products can upset the skin and cause it to become dry from lack of oils and or dehydrated from lack of water.

beautiful organic face oil

Skin can look grey, lacklustre and lack radiance; in the worst case it can become tight and inflamed. Many fine lines, wrinkles and the first signs of ageing are caused by dehydration and can become permanent if we do not tackle them early.

All skin types are subject to dehydration and it is not all about drinking more water. Increasing fruit and vegetables that hold lots of water like melons or cucumbers is just as important, as is reducing diuretics like coffee and alcohol.

On the product side, skin serums are the perfect combination of water and oil in a light emulsion, specifically designed to deliver a hit of concentrated nutrients and water to tackle all those dehydration symptoms. Many contain the super ingredient hyaluronic acid, which holds water on the skin and drip feeds the skin throughout the day, the perfect antidote to dehydration.

Because a serum is such a light texture we apply them to cleansed skin in a gentle pat and roll method then apply a moisturiser over the top to seal in the nutrients. They are suitable for all skin types and can be used every morning and evening (if using just once a day then ideally in the morning). Our best-selling Green People Hydrating Firming Serum has an amazing texture and proven anti ageing benefits.

Extreme dryness in the skin can be caused by sensitivity, over exposure to the sun or cold or simply that your skin naturally produces less oil, a common symptom of the ageing process. A moisturiser that combines lots of rich plant oils and water is perfect for the day to protect and nurture, at night we recommend a facial oil to provide deep nourishment.

The Barefoot SOS Intensive Treatment Oil smells amazing and really tackles dry patches and lack or tone in the skin with its antioxidant rosehip seed oil and just a few drops instantly de stresses skin. Apply to cleansed warm skin for a deeper penetration of the nutrients and spend a few minutes massaging it in with firm upward strokes.