A World first in Organic Hand Sanitizers for Bentley Organic...

Bentley Organic, the family-owned Yorkshire personal care products company, has launched the first organic hand sanitizer proven by the UK Government's Veterinary Laboratories Agency to kill the H1N1 Influenza A virus, more commonly know as swine flu. The 'Anti-bacterial Moisturising Hand Sanitizer' is made with 90% organic ingredients and contains Aqualin, a product which replaces synthetic preservative systems such as parabens and phenoxyethanol, with natural fruit acids and plant derived surfactants.

Several hundred thousand pounds have been put into developing the formula and tens of thousands spent on the necessary testing to ensure that the product becomes the market pioneer in hand sanitizers.

The Bentley Organic Hand Sanitizer, which The VLA identified as being non-toxic to the test system as well as killing the H1N1 virus, also kills 99.9% of other germs and can be used in the absence of towels or water, with no stickiness or residue to the user.

It has also been certified by the Soil Association as have other personal care, household cleaning, and baby care products in the Bentley Organic Range.

The products are sold widely in the Independent Health Food sector in the UK, Europe and the US and the range has also been recently awarded a national listing with a large US retailer.

Jamie Bentley, chief executive of Bentley Organic, said: "I am extremely proud, as the founder of Bentley Organic, to have developed a retail product that is the market pioneer worldwide"

"We are launching it at a time when swine flu is coming back into the spotlight, with the winter months fast approaching, we hope that people we use the new product, confident in its abilities to kill the H1N1 virus whilst also being gentle on the user"

"After a culmination of years of work, we have developed a product that is affordable, organic, moisturising, and really works"

"As the CEO of  Bentley Organic, I am delighted that here in Yorkshire we are able to develop a world class product that not only benefits the employees of the Bentley Organic, but puts Yorkshire manufacturing where it should be - at the forefront of technical innovation."

Buy Bentley Hand Sanitizer at www.SoOrganic.com for £2.99 for a 125 application bottle. Save £1 when you Buy 2.