Is this something to be encouraged or shunned? At first it seems a little scary to this city dwelling, garden admiring (not so good at the planting and picking yet), organic buying type such as myself.

I'd read articles on foraging in progressive eco thinking magazines like the Ecologist and Resurgence, but never really considered making a picnic lunch activity of it. But then I spotted, in the local What's On guide Greenwich this summer, a Guided Walk (but wait there's more) for Edible Wild Plants and Herbs.

On the walk you will learn from an expert how to forage for wild food in Greenwich Park (who would have thought!). You will also receive a few recipe tips to prepare your food finds with.

Being so local I think I may give this one a go. After all you've got to try it before you truly know whether you like something -a bit like a try before you buy but you don't have to buy! Note to self: don't watch movie Into the Wild before you go on edible wild plant walk. (You'll have to watch this brilliant film yourself to know why - I'm not one for spoiling the ending!)

The walk is being hosted on Wednesday 19 August from 10.30am to 12.00noon. The meeting point is Greenwich Park, Charlton Way. For more information visit