The Soil Association's idea of a good week is to pack as many organic goodies and fun as possible into seven days. But that's near right impossible in this booming industry so I guess they thought it's best to make a fortnight - keep us full to the brim with wholesome delights for a little longer.

Organic Fortnight is THE time for people who are passionate about all the great things organic has to offer show their love through hosting events and generally raising awareness about why it's the best choice for our planet, our animals and our own health. Shops, schools, cafes, farms - you name it the passionate organic-ites will be involved in some way shape or form.

So it is a little way off yet but now's our chance to get organised and get involved. The Soil Association has some great ideas about how you and I can create our own buzz around organic to encourage others - hosting an organic crunch dinner for example. But if you fancy encouraging more than just your close circle of friends and family to reach a wider audience the Soil Association can help you out there too. They have a good guide on how to attract local media to cover your event and thereby attract potential organic-ites to come along. Click here for a copy.

The more of us that share our organic ideals the more impact Organic Fortnight will have in helping others to realise the benefits of this great movement.

Organic Fortnight will run from the 8th to the 20th of September this year. For more info on how to get involved click here.