Kids love to wiggle... they love to giggle... they love to create and they love to get their hands dirty. What better way to get them involved and learning about the world around them than to encourage them in the garden.As we head into winter it's a great time to spark their interest, starting them out in the small league - indoors - growing seedlings in pots or sprouting bean seeds in jam jars. Growing bulbs like gladiolus and lilies are terrific in the cooler months' as they need to be kept in a dark, cool place before planting.

Beans and Herbs has a huge selection of organic seeds. You can also buy ready-made gardens kits tailored to kids with simple directions and seedlings included. Rocket Gardens do a children's garden version.

Helping kids to create Christmas plant gifts can be lots of fun too. Decorating old jam jars and making handmade labels with recycled cards from last year are great to light up those sprouting seedlings. Mini cacti and venus flytraps are plants younger kids are always fascinated by, making the joy of giving and receiving even greater.

So for all those children's friends' birthdays coming up why not give the gift of nature and help spread a few green giggles amongst the small folk.