Give a gift to give to another - quite a mouthful but also quite a good idea in these times of changing climate conditions and rising poverty. It's not for every one mind you. Some people won't appreciate your efforts to buy a better world on their behalf but it helps if you choose a charity that gives a certificate - solid evidence to hang on the wall.

Here are a few not for profit organisations who offer novel ways to give an ethical gift this Christmas:

For the Animals: Fauna and Flora International

Supported by Sir David Attenborough FFI has been at the forefront of conservation since 1903. You can buy a membership for a loved one for £10 from the FFI and they will receive a welcome pack, the Fauna and Flora magazine, three supporter-updates a year plus invitations to FFI events.

For the Forests: The Woodland Trust

Get a free tree dedicated to your giftee when you join the champions of British forestlands. £2.75/month will save half an acre of the dwindling 2% of ancient woodland left in the UK. Your giftee receives details of the location of your tree and a certificate of thanks.

For the People: Oxfam Condoms

Get condoms and safe sex educational materials sent to poverty stricken countries like South Africa where AIDS is still widespread and contraception is virtually unheard of or unaffordable. Oxfam Unwrapped gifts save on packaging and postal costs, as do the others above.

A great website to check out for these sorts of gifts is