A new font has been created by a Dutch communications company call Spranq to save on ink use - apparently up to 20%. Such a simple idea you wouldn't be the only one to wonder why it was not thought of earlier? We'll they've called it Ecofont and it is a very holey sans serif (no little flicks at the end - more ink). Better yet, it's free to download from the Ecofont website. Printed on an inkjet printer you can't see the holes because the ink naturally bleeds into them if the font is around 10pt.

But of course a holier font doesn't cut down on the amount of paper used and apparently on screen it looks a little odd and well... holey as you can see here. Skeptics pose the argument that it only beats a few fonts on ink useage. Something like Helvetica Neue ultra-light is a light font that possible uses similar quantities of the black staff but looks a little nicer on screen. Also Inksaver software has been around for a while. You can also choose to print in draft or lighter font unless absolutely necessary. Another way you can print the eco friendly way is to make sure you refill ink cartridges rather than throwing them away. If that's not possible many manufacturers provide a postage free reycling envelope with the box. Oh and another way to lower the inky part of your life - refuse the free daily papers and place a no junk mail sign on your post box.