This is definitely a stereotype but one that can often rightly be put into use: teenagers are ‘looks' absorbed. Not all, but most - it comes with the territory of chaotic hormone activity during puberty, figuring out what your equally paddling-like-a duck-underwater peers think and adjusting to the ideals of the world (mostly the ideals of pop icons and rock gods).

So to get the attention of teens when it comes to the greener issues of life it's good to pretty it up a bit. I came across this green website the other day called Teens Turning Green. It's basically teenagers giving other teenagers advice on how to be healthier and more sustainable the eco way. They investigate areas of lives where they are exposed to toxins. They also work to advocate change in policy and habits not only amongst their peers but also their schools and communities.

The Project Green Prom Toolkit caught my eye as a useful and charming way to get teens beauty green. The Project Green Dorm Toolkit is another nifty idea. As you can tell the site is American - it would be great to see a similar site set up for other countries by enthusiastic teens.

The UK based skin care company Green People realise the influence teenagers can have on setting the bar and eco standards of the next generation of politicians, eco entrepreneurs and mothers. Their new Oy! Organic Young range of skin care products make a great Christmas present for all teenagers - especially the ones who care about their complexions and the environment.