Summer may still be far away, but it’s never too early to start taking a little extra care of your feet, ready for when they have to come out on display once more. If the weather turns and we get a lovely warm spring, it could be sooner than you think.

Of course, feet are never better than when fresh from a pedicure at the salon while you lie back and relax. But who has the time (or money?) to make salon spa pedicures more than an occasional treat?

Follow our simple times to take matters into your own hands and you’ll be able stretch out the time between pedicures and to bare all with confidence when the time comes.


Usually at this time of the year, dry skin is the most common problem for feet.  Sadly it’s just not warm enough for hot sweaty feet to be a problem right now! The main reason why feet get dry is that it’s just way too easy to totally forget about them under thick socks and tights. For those of us who use body lotion regularly, this idea that we might forget to apply it to arms and legs is just inconceivable. Tight thirsty skin would soon scream out for what it’s missing. But unfortunately feet are a bit too hardy, they put up with our forgetting to moisturise them, but just build up more and more dry & hard skin until they can sadly become almost hoof-like in their hardness.

Try to get into the habit of applying cream to your feet morning and evening, and you will keep soft happy feet for much longer. Specially designed foot creams are richer than body lotion, so are ideal, but not essential. Just remembering to moisturise with something, even if it’s your usual body lotion or hand cream is better than nothing and will pay dividends in skin softness come sandal season.

Nail Polish:

Be honest, how long have you had that particularly polish on your toes? If it’s grown out half way down your nail and is a lingering remnant of your late summer holiday, perhaps it’s time for a little refresh? Gently remove it and either, allow nails a good few months to go naked and breathe soaking up the benefits of your new foot moisturising habit, or if you must have polish on them make sure it’s a 3 free or 5 free one and seal with a good base and top coat to prevent staining the nail and minimise chips. Even if you are the only one to see them at this time of year, pretty well-cared-for toes will add to your confidence and help you walk out with a spring in your step. 

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