Ovarian cancer claims the lives of 70% of women diagnosed as it is a cancer often detected too late for effective treatment. In the UK it is the most common and most fatal of all the gynaecological cancers.

The Gynaecological Cancer Centre at St Bartholomew's Hospital is leading the way in ovarian cancer research and treatments, recognised internationally as a ‘Centre of Excellence' for the work it does. Like most research centres it requires funding and our help to continue this vital work.

The London Charity's ‘Food for Thought' fundraising dinner event has been set up to help us raise money in quite the delectable way. Food for Thought involves hosting your own dinner party anytime in September with the purpose of asking guest to donate to the cause. It need not be an illustrious affair - a breakfast or tea party would work.

The research centre is hoping to raise £30,000 with Food for Thought. This can be reached if 120 people host a dinner party for 10 and each person donates £25. The target is definitely doable - with the donation cost at the amount most spend to go out for a nice dinner.

If you'd like to register your even and sign up for hard copy invitation and donation envelopes or e-invitations click here to visit the Barts ‘Food for Thought' website.