It’s early January and time for New Year, New Year skin care and grooming routines. I want to be scrubbing, polishing and generally buffing my body back into some kind of shape but alas this year it’s not to be. The stresses strains and excesses of the festive season have wreaked havoc with my skin. It has gone into super sensitive mode with eczema flare ups from my eye lids to my little finger and so something more soothing is called for.

Lavera Neutral Products for Extra Sensitive Skin


Simple skin care (not not the brand of that name, I mean truly natural stuff!) is the order of the day. No fragrance, even pure essential oils can be too much for some extremely sensitive skin, short ingredients lists made of pure natural ingredients, minimal preservatives and foamers are what I need when my skin gets stressed.

This year thank goodness there is something that feels like a little treat even though it’s as pure as can be. Lavera Neutral range for extremely sensitive and eczema prone skin has been given an overhaul and has 4 super useful new products too.

Lavera Neutral Range for Allergy Prone and Extremely Sensitive Skin:
NEW Cleansing Foam £9.90 – Wash your face without stripping your skin
NEW Intensive Face Mask £2.90 – Treat your skin to a little “me-time”
NEW Intensive Treatment Cream with Silver £12 – A natural antiseptic treatment for when things get really tough
NEW Sensitive Tooth Gel £4.50 – Fluoride free and suitable for use during homeopathic treatment

Add these to the facial fluid, face cream, hand cream, shower shampoo and body lotion already in the range and I have everything I need to tackle my New Year flare up. Fresh clean packaging that looks fit for the New Year mean that for once this is an allergy prone skin care range that I want to have on the bathroom shelf.

Try out the Lavera Neutral Range  if your sensitive skin is making you suffer, it’s helping me and I hope it will help you too. Other good bets for sensitive and allergic, eczema prone skin are No Scent by Green People and the Very Gentle range by Trilogy too.