Perfumes can contain any number of ingredients including synthetic substances - another way of describing it is chemical fragrance. The problem is these artificial fragrances have been found to contain endocrine disrupting properties and so many of the conventional products on most household bathroom shelves are packed with the stuff.

Women are most at risk. According the Healthy & Organic magazine the WWF's Indecent Exposure report found that ‘women's exposure to artificial musks is 41% higher than men's.' If you think about all the skin care and beauty products we use in a week it's easy to imagine why. Body lotion - something we smother our entire body with - is potentially one of the most threatening culprits.

This is why it's best to choose products with natural fragrances that use essential oils and other natural non-toxic ingredients. A couple of our favourite organic body lotions are Organic Blue's moisturising lotion which has an exotic sandalwood scent and contains gotu kola which nourishes and replenishes skin cells. Another (and this may sound biased but it is at least two of the girls in our office favourite) is the So Organic Hand and Body Lotion which has a gentle and calming fragrance that isn't too overpowering. Our organic body lotion contains a blend of seven essential oils including lavender, vetiver and clary sage.