The annual Love London Green Festival is coming up - the 4-28th of June to be exact. It's one of, if not THE, biggest green festival on the planet.

How can this be? Well, hundreds of events have been organised by communities and organisations from far and wide with the aim to sharing the best eco ideas to help build a more sustainable city.

What's on? A lot. Here's a few:

• An exhibition of the UK's best arts and sustainable development.

• Waste Free Picnics for schools

• Springwatch Plant Walk at Rainham Marshes

• Movers and Shakers Ride Redbridge Cycling Centre

• BeReCreative - a free, fun packed, family event is being held in London Fields on Saturday 6 June as part of national Recycle Now Week

• A free conference on how alternative building solutions can reduce CO2

• Revolve Eco-Rally - a green car rally starting in Brighton finishing at City Hall London

How can you get involved? It's not just the companies and event organisers who get to have all the fun. The Love London team are encouraging everyone to get involved with their own event - say a dress swap at home or a junk sculpting day for the kids. You can register your event on the website to be officially part of the festivities.

Cost? Most of the events are free, with some even helping those who want to save pennies as well as the environment. The Love London website has an eco-thrift page with tips and useful articles to get you started.