Did you know that lips do not have oil glands? This is why they dry out more easily than other areas of skin. With winter - the dry skin season - here it's a good time to rejuvenate summer-chapped lips and treat them with a bit of TLC.

One of the worst things you can do to keep your lips moist is lick them. This is big one for kids who naturally wet or suck their lips when they feel dryness around the mouth. The cycle of wetting and drying intensifies the process of chapped lips. Buying them their very own sweet smelling and sparkling, natural lip balms usually goes down a treat, and can be very useful for chapped lips, of course that's if they use it.

In winter you can protect your own lips better outdoors if you cover your mouth behind a scarf or woolly jumper. On extra cold days most of us do this anyway but it can really help reduce moisture loss from direct contact with the cold dry air.

Lip balms with SPF protection will help protect from sun exposure on those crisp cloudless days and exfoliating with gentle scrubs will clean off dead skin cells leaving your lips feeling ultra smooth. Also applying an intense moisturising treatment specially formulated for lips will give your kissers a bit of extra oomph and nourishment.

A great natural lip treatment is the Smooch Penetrating Lip Salve by Barefoot Botanical with rose and cardomom, also the Organic Llip Silk by Essential Care is also very soothing and nourishing.