Madara is an entirely natural and organic range of cosmetics that epitomises beauty - beautifully designed, all natural ingredients, and healthy body. The brand's motto ‘deeper than skin' represents a perception of beauty that more women every day are beginning to encompass. In their words: "A beauty which would not offend meadow flowers... the wisdom and force of nature."

Manufactured in Latvia the range is certified by ECOCERT, the international organic standard. Ingredients include biologically certified flower and herb extracts from the Baltic region. In line with the ECOCERT standards at least 95% of all ingredients within the Madara range are of natural origin and none of their products contain synthetic ingredients.

The organic skin care company recently won a prestigious Design Management Europe Award. It was also included in the WWF Deeper Luxury report which looks at environmental and social performance of a number of world wide brands, including the likes of L'Oreal. They stood out for reasons including the fact they make completely natural flower and herb cosmetics that use ingredients that are locally sourced and use easily recyclable packaging.

Madara's eco-friendly credentials don't stop there. They use only ecological cleaning agents in the production of their products, use energy efficient production equipment and do not carry out experiments on animals.