A great memory and good concentration can be very useful at times, particularly when it comes to remembering where you left your keys or thinking of examples for when a sharp memory is useful!

Essential oils have been used as a natural therapy for millenia to improve poor memory and increase focus. Students in ancient Greece weaved rosemary through their hair as they believed it strengthened their brainpower and enhanced their memory. Cedarwood is another oil believed to support clear thinking as the sesquiterpenes compounds within it help carry more oxygen to the brain, stimulating increased brain activity.

Utilizing your sense of smell to create an association with a specific thought can also be very useful. Whilst studying, for example, you could dabble a touch of any chosen essential oil (say lemongrass) into a tissue and keep it close. By using the same aroma at a later date can help aid recall simply by association. Sage, specifically, is believed to improve recall.

Other essential oils found to have good memory-enhancing qualities are lemon, jasmine, peppermint and lavender.