Besides the very valuable medicinal properties to heal the mind and body, essential oils can be very useful in other parts of our lives. Other blogs that we have done on essential oils have focused on the healing benefits for the individual but we thought it would be a good idea to offer other effective and ultra simple ways to take advantage of the ancient practice of aromatherapy.

Anyone can be an aromatherapist with a little bit of research. We have taken the study out of the research and have some gorgeous organic essential oil blends for you in a series of five blogs: Essential Oil Mixes for Home, Essential Oil Mixes for Garden, Essential Oil Mixes for Setting the Mood, Essential Oil Mixes for the Great Outdoors and Essential Oil Mixes for Your Pets.

If you do decide to start your own collection of essential oils make sure you keep them in a cool place, in dark glass bottles. Keep an eye on the use by date. It's best to buy small quantities at a time as each time a bottle is opened the oil is exposed to oxygen, which accelerates the deterioration and therefore the effectiveness of the oil.

Once you've tried a few mixes you'll probably want to experiment with your own. It's quite fun to play perfumer and discover your own original scents.

Happy mixing!