Montezuma's is the award winning organic chocolate company taking the country by a sweet swirling storm. And it's quite easy to understand why with a 'fundamental' policy of making 'fine innovative chocolate made using the best ingredients; always with a liberal dose of love and care'. Who would have thought a policy could make ones mouth water so!

Now what do they make? Fancy a Hopscotch Truffle? (a truffle with Butterscotch) Or lime, chilli and tequila truffles? A champagne truffle perhaps? All of Montezuma's boozy chocolates contain real alcohol - no synthetic flavourings or compounds so you can rest assured they are the genuine thing!

But enough of the truffles - these organic chocolate connoisseur also make organic drinking chocolate, chocolate for the chefs, gift boxes, Easter eggs and wacky flavoured chocolate bars. This is where the choccy experimentalists join the cocoa party. Meet Vera (dark chocolate with crushed pistachio nuts), Culture Shock (Organic white chocolate spiced with chilli & ginger), Whoopee (organic white chocolate with sharp raspberry) and Surf Nut (milk chocolate with macadamia's and coconut). Another fantastical creation is the Dainty Dallops in flavours geranium, grapefruit and lime vanilla. Quite the chocolate leaders - organic, inventive and delectably fun!

You can buy their deliriously good chocolate online or at one of five stores across the UK. If you're lucky you might receive one of the mini Montezuma bars So Organic are sending out to the first 200 orders this week!