Movies, like music (see Songs of Change blog) have a great capacity to inspire people to create beauty in their own lives or change behaviours that do not serve themselves and the whole.

The environmental film festival, Cinemambiente, (which is actually in its eleventh year) sets out to highlight the best eco movies going around. If you'd rather be updating yourself about what's happening to our environment through the medium of film rather than the newspapers, here's a few of the best you might like to get out next time you're up for confronting civilizations impact on the earth or the effects of climate change:

• A Crude Awakening: the Oil Crash by Irish director by Ray McCormack
• The Nuclear Comeback by New Zealand filmmaker Justin Pemberton
• Koyaanisqatsi by director Godfrey Reggio
• When Clouds Clear
• An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore
• Erin Brockovich
• Born Free
• The Emerald Forest
• Silkwood

Warning: after watching just a few of these films you'll probably feel like putting your eco warrior boots on and a splash of organic lippy. So be prepared to be inspired to make a few changes.