Harrison Ford is working with Conservation International to help save flora and fauna from extinction the globe over. In one trailer for the Lost There, Felt Here campaign Ford illustrates, by way of beauty therapist and a pot of wax, how the destruction of rainforests on the other side of the world can harm us too.

Earth's survival depends on, as Ford describes, the planets ‘biodiversity hotspots' found in only one percent of the world's surface. These hotspots, like the Amazon, are critical to our survival. It's the millions of species of plants and animals worldwide that provide food and medicine which cleans our air and water, keeping us and the planet alive.

You can help protect forests and help curb climate change by learning more about sustainable conservation and by supporting organisations like the World Land Trust. Every £50 you donate to the WLT (Sir David Attenborough's a big supporter) you will save one acre of forest.

Give up coffee from the local cafe for a month and have enough to protect a bit of earth's diversity, wax your chest... and, well, you'll probably only end up with a red front and a Ford-esque squirm.