At So Organic we are always looking for innovative organic and natural brands that really deliver.  We were delighted with the new Evolve Range, after trying it we all became addicted to the great fragrances and amazing textures.  Developed by Laura Rudoe to be accessible yet desirable, the range seeks to make green living the norm not the exception.  Laura knows her stuff she developed the gorgeous Nude natural products and spends a huge amount of time and energy sourcing rare and unusual ingredients to use in her products.


The ranges uses masses of food based ingredients some of which are based on superfoods like goji berries and pomegranate, great on your plate and also on your face!  Our hero products are the amazing Skin Glow Body Cream, a natural gradual fake tanner which leaves skin super soft and radiant, use it to prolong your summer tan.  The Gentle Cleansing Melt can be applied to damp skin morning and evening, it removes dirt and make up gently, skin never feels tight and we noticed it really improves skin long term.


It is not just what goes in to her products that Laura is proud of, her packaging is made from old milk bottles in the UK and is fully recyclable, they also look great in the bathroom, are light enough to take on holiday and to the gym. Organic is certainly evolving!