The first thing you notice about this product is its colour - it's just about as bright orange as you can get. My reaction to the solar bright colour wasn't great - so used to applying white or clear creams to my skin, the intense colour of this face oil felt unusual at first. But try not to be put off by the orange or you will miss out on a superb skin boost.

Superfruit Concentrate by Essential Care is a rich vegan face oil made with a blend of organic supernutrients. It has the anti-oxidant, super nourishing fruit oils of the pomegranate, rosehip, sea buckthorn and avocado. These help to protect the face from UV and free-radical damage as well as promote skin elasticity and collagen synthesis.

Other things you should know about this super little number. It comes in a neat 30ml pump tube. It is certified 100% organic by the Soil Association. You can apply it just about any which way you like - over a daily moisturiser, as a night time treatment or a weekly skin boost - but the one thing you must take care with is to only apply a small amount. That's 1 to 2 drops only. If you apply to much, be warned now, you run the risk of turning into a carrot. Well, not exactly, but the vibrant vitamins and nutrients in this product can alter skin tone if you use excessively.

I applied 2 and half drops (just to push the barrier a little) to my face after I'd cleansed in the evening and didn't apply a moisturiser before or after. You'd be happy to know I didn't turn bright orange. After a grey week of sniffles and energy zapping computer time my skin came back to life and actually had some colour in it - not the fake tan kind, instead the healthy glow kind. It absorbed really well and although an oil, it didn't make my face feel oily, but rather soft - perhaps because so little was applied.

If you've tried the Essential Care's Superfruit Concentrate let us know what you think and we will share them with our other organic-ite readers.