Superior organic skincare for Autumn at So OrganicNew season skin care tips for Autumn.

Now’s the time to give your skin the boost it needs to cope with the heating being turned on and the arrival of the autumn chill in the air. Here are my top picks of new season skin care at its best. 

One of the pioneers of natural beauty, Dr Hauschka makes highly effective skincare whilst sticking to the strictest biodynamic principles, so I never need question the integrity of their ingredients. When confronted with cold weather reach for their Rose Day Cream £28 for immediate relief. This super rich Dr Hauschka Rose Day Creammoisturiser is excellent for protecting cheeks and noses from cold, wind and harsh weather. Don’t go on autumn walks without it. It’s made with organic Avocado and Shea Butter, rich moisturisers provided by nature to give intensive protection from the elements.

Recently Green People has undergone something of a revamp with new packaging and some wonderful new products that bring them right up to date without losing the comforting aromas and nourishing formulas that make them so special.

Green People Facial OilThe full range is in stock now and has been specially formulated to reveal a renewed, revived and radiant complexion.  Green People’s clean skin care policy means that you can be sure that whilst being packed with bio actives and skin boosting ingredients; these products contain no parabens, synthetic fragrance or petrochemicals.  I absolutely love their Hydrating Serum £15.95, for giving my skin a moisture boost and healthy, plumped glow. Team it with their Anti Ageing Facial Oil £18.95, and you have a powerful partnership of product to tackle both dryness and dehydration of the skin, the two main autumnal skin complaints.  Both are great boosts to your existing skin care regime; just apply under your usual day or night cream.

One last tip! Don’t wait for your lips to crack before you grab your new season lip balm. Choose a pureDr Hauschka Lip Balm organic salve now and slick on regularly to keep your lips soft and kissably smooth whatever the weather. My must-have balm is by Dr Hauschka and comes in a pot (£10) or a stick (£9). Yes it’s pricey, but oh so worth it, and is actually now £1 cheaper than last year! Enjoy.

To make things easier, we've put lots of products ideal for the colder weather into one easy to shop department. 

If you have any questions on concerns about any aspect of natural skin care, drop me an email to I’d love to help.