Boxing Day is typically one of those days in the calendar year that involves finishing off the left overs, travelling back from the relatives and tidying up the general tinselled disarray that Christmas has left. But it can also be a day where families really relax. No more fussing about what's going where and who's doing what, and no more excitable tipsy aunts dancing about the kitchen. Boxing Day is a good time to quieten down a bit and do something nice for yourself.

A few ideas?

Well, how's about taking that bath/stroll, reading that book/magazine, writing that letter, painting that picture. Do something you've been meaning to do all year long but haven't taken the time out to do.

Give yourself a great big pat on the shoulder. You've survived another Christmas, and almost another year; you've done the best with what you had... and I should think a thank you is well deserved.

Meditate. For some people it involves laying down quietly, watching thoughts arise and then letting them go. For others it's about sitting still, spine straight, legs crossed, and palms up listening to a calming CD. Others it's about scrubbing the bath (in your own time it can be a very meditative activity!). However and wherever you do it meditation is about relieving your mind of its busy-ness because all need a little rest from time to time.

Here's to peaceful Boxing Day!