There's been a lot of coverage in the media of late about a new report produced by cereal brand Organix and the Soil Association, exposing the state of food in nursery school across the UK. The report found that foods typically served at nurseries were unhealthy and highly processed. Of the parents surveyed, 21% described the food at their nursery as poor or mediocre.

According to the report some schools spend as little as 25p a day on food per child. Two other staggering facts revealed were that certain foods like crisps and sweets that are banned in primary and secondary schools are permitted in nurseries. Also, colours and additives that are not allowed in foods for young children are currently allowed to be used in the food served in nurseries.

The report has sparked the creation of a petition asking the Government to place higher nutritional standards on all nurseries. If you'd like to sign this petition and/or find out more information on the campaign visit