...Eleven Herbs & Spices

Sounds a bit like a fast food chicken tagline but when I investigated more thoroughly what my true love had given me, it was quite the green delight! My very own rocket garden... how very thoughtful indeedy - thinking of my health, the garden and my eco-credentials. Well, I'd like to think so anyway.

A Rocket Garden is a brilliant gift idea for Christmas with spring only a few months around the corner. It's all about growing your own organic herbs and vegetable simply. No fuss, even in winter as you can get small versions suitable for the kitchen. They're so easy to organize for the giver (all you need to do is purchase a gift voucher) and also very straightforward for the givee (you just need to send in the voucher and voilĂ ! a week later you have your very own growing veggie box).

The plants arrive in biodegradable pots and you can choose from a number of different gardens including the Compact Herb Garden, the Instant Salad Vegetable Garden, the Patio Container Instant Vegetable Garden, the Window Box Instant Garden, the Children's Instant Vegetable Garden, and the Large Instant Vegetable Garden.

It will most surely be a green green organic Christmas!