...an Alligator Pear Tree

Did you know that the avocado is sometimes called avocado pear or alligator pear? It makes sense really given the dark green rutted texture of the fruit. So why would my true love know I'd be delighted to receive an avocado tree?

This fascinating fruit is so intensely good for the health and one tree alone can grow 200 avocadoes!

The avocado is packed with nutrients including Vitamin K, potassium (60% more than a banana), folic acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, copper plus a load of dietary fibre and oleic acid (monounsaturated fat helps to lower cholesterol). It's high mineral content makes avocado a superb remedy for eczema, red skin, aging skin and sensitive skin.

My true love knows how scrumptious I think avocado is dressed with a little olive oil and a sprinkling of salt but I think I may pass on all those extra alligator pears to some of my friends who make natural face and body products. They are making some brilliant stuff with avocadoes at the moment - you can get replenishing creams, vitamin bath soaps, shampoos, hair treatments, anti stretch oil, night creams, protection creams - the list is longer than the length of all my avocadoes lines up in a row!