...Three Red Red Lippies

Bright red lipstick is the perfect colour for the Christmas work's party. But if you plan on making those puckers extra kissable it's a good idea to choose an organic lipstick to ensure your partner doesn't swallow any of the chemicals found in conventional brands.

NVEY Eco Organic makeup has two gorgeously vibrant Real Red and Dark Ruby shades made from natural colour compositions that will last till the early hours of the morning. Ingredients like Vitamin E to nourish and soften the lips as well as safflower and beeswax ensure your kissers will stay glamorous all night long.

Logona have a Pure Red lipstick that is ultra nourishing, enriched with natural botanical oils and waxes. A castor oil base, jojoba and passion flower extract leave the lips looking moist and super gorgeous. This lippy is certified by the German organic certification body BDIH.

Organic lipstick is a great size for stocking fillers and even homemade Christmas crackers - one customer bought a couple to make her work's luxury version.