... Four Sleepy Cuddles

Ever noticed how morning cuddles, when you and your true love still have one foot in dreamland are so much cuddlier? Well if you happen to be a rooster (Chinese star sign or the genuine chick variety) like me, snuggly morning cuddles are few and far between - the brain goes tick and I'm wide a wake.

Unnnnnless... I am morning-sleep-in prepared.

It's all about the lavender and the eye pillow. Lavender is a natural bedtime snooze inducer as it helps to calm and balance the senses, particularly helping people who suffer with nervous tension or insomnia. True Earth Organics make a great little Lavender Eye Pillow made from organic lavender and wheat contained within an organic cotton bag.

A Lavender Wheat Warmer made from the same material as the eye pillow is a great alternative to a hot water bottle to keep the bed extra warm and snuggly on a cold Christmas morning!