...Five Golllllden Balms

Organic lip balms made from golden yellow beeswax (yes that is the technical name for it) in cute wee tins are a sweet present to receive from your sweetheart on Christmas - especially if they get all five!

Badger Balm's organic lip balms contain organic extra virgin olive oil, aloe vera, rose hip, seabuckthorn and of course that golden yellow beeswax formulated by super buzzy bees.

Each golden balm also has its very own specially selected mix of essential oils. There's the seriously yummy Ginger & Lemon (very golden indeedy), the Tangerine Breeze, Lavender & Orange, Highland Mint and the Unscented Healing Balm.

Rich in enzymes, E vitamins and essential fatty acids these five golden balms heal and soothe chapped lips and dry skin - very helpful to prepare those kissers for smothering lovers, small children and all new Christmas puppies.