...Six Organic Perfumes

In my mind no woman can have too many perfumes... ok maybe now that consumerism is in full swing you can. If you are going to indulge, the chemical free way is certainly better. Perfume can, depending on the scent, make a woman feel beautiful and exquisite. It can really affect the way she feels about herself, which is why it is a very special gift indeed.

However, buying a fragrance for a loved one can be a bit tricky because we all have our own distinct nosey likes and dislikes. So before selecting a perfume gift it's best to do some investigating.

The bathroom is a good place to start. Check out what the body wash, soap, deodorant, moisturisers, shampoos on their shelf are fragranced with. If there is a hint of musk, perhaps Coconut & Vanilla organic perfume eau de toilette would tickle their fancy. If a citrus theme runs though their toiletries, an invigorating Orange & Seabuckthorn perfume eau de toilette.

Lavera make a great range of organic perfumes, including the two above. Other fragrances in their range are Milk & Honey, Vervain & Lime, Lavender & Aloe Vera and Wild Rose. You and your true love can rest assured that these natural perfumes contain no synthetic fragrances or colorants - they are made from the finest of organic essential oils.

And if your true love is of the male variety, Neal's Yard Remedies have blended an organic Cologne for Men. It's quite an exotic fragrance with tones of bergamot, grapefruit, calendula and lavender.