Seven Swans a bathing... in organic body milk

Let me tell you a secret. Now before those seven swans were bathing in milk to make their coats beautifully white and silky they bathed in a sweet body wash to clean their features of the mud they'd rolled in the morning of the day true love called for them on his golden horn.

And what is it you ask that the swans wash their wings with? I have no idea to be honest but I'd like to think it was organic - to keep their feathers and the lakes they swim in chemical free. It would also be nice if it smelt of say... rose and geranium! Botanical Body Wash with Organic Rosehip Oil by Trilogy would just about hit the mark I reckon.

This divine kiwi-made product contains all sorts of cleansing and healing ingredients including kawa kawa extract from the native New Zealand pepper tree, Indian alma fruit extract, French lavender, burdock and aroma-therapeutic oils from frankincense resin and rose geranium leaf. Yep it's quite a fine concoction and one those seven swans would be surely pleased with.

Incidentally I think the milk they lathered on after their bath was the Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk by John Masters Organics!