...Eight Massaging Masseuses

One on each limb, one to each foot, one massaging my head and one standing on my back! Well I very wish it were so. What I would settle for is a bottle of gorgeous smelling massage oil and my true love's gentle hands.

Oooo! For Romance is surely a true love favourite. A perfect oil to pamper your partner with - a few drops of this in a steaming hot bath followed by a relaxing massage is divine. Scented with rose geranium and ylang ylang essential oils with a sweet almond oil base it moisturizes and soothes the skin as well as calming the mind. Other natural bath and massage oils in the Hedgerow Herbals ranges are Aaargh!, Grrr!, Oww! and Mmm!

For those wanting more of a deep tissue, good old un-knotting from your true love the Muscle Rub bath and massage oil by Organic Blue may be a bit more your style. 100% certified organic this formulation has been especially prepared to reach deeply into the muscles by warming and helping to release tension. Eucalyptus, ginger, black pepper and lavender make this a brilliant oil to use on the body after an intense physical work or exercise.