...Nine Buddhas Chanting

And chant to me they did! Listening to the Buddhist Chant CD with headphones on as you walk down a bustling street is quite an experience - it's like viewing the world from the outside in. The calm the chanting brings to your inner world helps you see the chaos of the modern ‘civilised' side of human existence. Or maybe that's just me. Regardless this mesmerising album is incredibly meditative. Sending a CD like this holds a very powerful message from your true love - the sound vibration of the chants open up the door to the heart and allow the ancient earth energy to reveal your inner spirit.

If reincarnated voices from a timeless plain ain't your true loves thing perhaps a Jazz Chill Out CD is? My true love (who's approaching a significant birthday next year) recently told me he felt very adult the other evening. With no one home he put on his favourite jazz, sat back with a glass of wine and nothing better to do. (Of course there's was plenty to do but he was too adult to care!

I must agree with him though - there's no cooler way to chill out than that.