If you are a little weary of hearing about the doom and gloom projections of climate change, well, you're not alone. A recent article published by New Scientist addressed the issue psychologists and healers the world over are increasingly being confronted with by their patients - a fatalistic mind set on the future of humankind.

This is a big issue for a lot of people, and it's not surprising given the onslaught of media coverage of how our earth is being affected by the changing climate conditions.

Gerald T Gardener and Paul Stern from the US National Research Council have created The Short List of Tthe most effective actions US households can take to curb climate change. Their report details seventeen actions and highlights the amount of energy saved if these are implemented. It's a worthy read for any eco enthusiast. It's specific and encouraging - something the more disenchanted of us need at the moment to stay optimistic about our planet.

The impending drought of fossil fuel supplies is as good a reason as any to start rethinking your lifestyle choices. Contributing in a positive way to the health and restoration of our planet will help alleviate anxieties you feel regarding climate change.