Organics Apoteke offer a range of ECOCERT certified organic beauty products. Their ingredients are ethically sourced and all products are approved by the Vegetarian Society. All packaging is made from post consumer recycled and recyclable materials. Knowing this made for an encourageable start to my Apoteke initiation.

For three days, twice a day I used the Buttermilk Cleanser (a hydrating facial cleanser and make-up remover), the Rejuvenating Face Cream (with skin firming and hydrating formula) and the Rasayana Rejuvenating Serum (for lines and problem areas).

I was fairly sceptical about the cleanser as I'd just trialled another brands organic cleanser which I'd found quite anti-cleansing. Thankfully it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The Buttermilk Cleanser was very gentle and light on my skin without leaving it feeling oily and more clogged than pre application (as the other cleanser had). It removed my make-up easily and left my face feeling clean but still soft. It also has an anti-oxidant rich formulation built into it for greater hydration and improved cell renewal.

The rejuvenating serum had a little less impact on me but this may be because 1) I don't usually use facial serums and 2) I only applied it for the three days so it's unlikely to affect the appearance of lines in such a tight timeframe and 3) I wasn't a fan of its apple scent (but this is a biased viewpoint as I have personal distaste for apple smelling beauty products).

On the other hand I very much like rose as a natural fragrance, which is why the moisturiser was more of an appeal. Made from organic rose oil and pentapeptide complex (derived from organic botanicals) this product does what it says on the packaging. My skin felt smoother and more hydrated. It was a perfect follow-up to the cleanser.

Overall the Organic Apoteke range is one of the best organic skin care ranges I've tried and I would certainly consider using the cleanser and moisturiser as part of my daily routine.