Red onion
Olive oil
Bread - Small bloomer or baguette

I'm not sure how you're actually meant to make bruschetta, but this is how I do it and its always very popular. It's great for using up left over bread and makes a really quick starter.

Cut the tomatoes into small pieces (half or quarter cherry tomatoes if you're using those).

Finely chop some red onion and mix into the tomatoes.

Season with salt and pepper and add a tiny amount of olive oil.

Rip a few basil leaves into small pieces and stir those in too.

Leave the flavours to infuse while you prepare the bread.

Slice the bread 1 ½ to 2 cms thick and toast under the grill.

Rub a clove of garlic over the surface of the bread, the rough texture acts almost like a tiny grater. One clove is probably enough for 8 or 10 slices but it depends on the size and how garlicky you like it.

Either pile the tomato topping onto the bread and serve immediately, or serve the bread and tomato mixture separately with a spoon so that everyone can add their own topping and the bread won't go soggy.